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New Year’s Eve with Jesus

New Year’s Eve with Jesus at St. Mary’s Church. 7 pm: Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Trisagion Prayers and Precious Blood Devotion. 11 pm: Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and Solemn Holy Hour. Midnight: Mass. Includes hospitality in our community room with soup and refreshments. This is a wonderful way to give thanks for blessings received and to anticipate a blessed new year.

Click here to download PDF of the New Year’s Eve with Jesus flyer.


Saint Mary’s Church Great Gatherings

Great Gatherings are events, parties, lessons or unique experiences generously donated and hosted by parishioners and friends of St. Mary’s Parish. They act as both a fundraiser and a community builder. More information here.

Download a PDF of St. Mary’s Church Great Gatherings Event Booklet.

This booklet is for events from October 2012 – June 2013. The following events are explained in detail in the booklet:

Date  Event Page #
October 13 Fall Kick-Off Party 2
October 25 (Curry) Dinner with the Priests 4
October 26 Our Daily Bread – Session 4
November 10 Chair Yoga 4
December 9 Christmas Tea and Cookie Exchange 4
December 15 Carol-Sing-Along and Dining 5
January 12 Bake Your Own 5
January 19 LEGO Blast 5
February 2 Oldies Dance/Live Band 5
February 7 Okinawan Shuri-Te Karate – Session 6
February 17 Fiesta Party  6
March 2 Bowling, Pizza, and Beer  6
March 3 Guided Tour of Landmark Center 6
March 7 Okinawan Shuri-Te Karate – Session II 7
March 16 Our Daily Bread – Session II 7
April 14 Share in the Music 7
April 19 Northern Lights Wine and Beer Tasting 7
June 22 Dinner on the Roof 8
Silent Auction Items   8