What Is a Great Gatherings Fundraiser?

A Great Gatherings Fundraiser is a block of events, parties, lessons and unique experiences generously donated and hosted by parishioners and friends of St. Mary’s parish. The events, held over the period of about three months, act as a fundraiser and a community builder.

This Great Gatherings Events Booklet is an example of a past St. Mary’s Great Gatherings Fundraiser. This booklet allowed participants to review the gatherings in advance allowed time to check personal calendars and see which gatherings they were available to attend.

Gatherings listed in the event booklet included the following information: event name/description, host(s) of the event, date, time, who can attend, cost to attend, minimum number of people needed to hold the event, maximum number of people that may attend the event.

If you would like to organize another Great Gatherings Fundraiser series, please contact stmarys@greatgatherings.org

No Great Gatherings Fundraisers are scheduled at this time. Please check back again soon.